Simon Andrews Speeder

From the workshop that bought you the Mini-Lister model comes this beauty. Simon Andrews model of a RollModels inc 7.25" gauge battery powered speeder (click on the link to go to the rollmodels website to see the real thing). The real thing is a minscule 24" x 33". But is more than capable of hauling a couple of wagons. 
Simon's model is built to 1:20 scale as that is the size of the Tamiya Formula 1 pit crew member that he converted to be the driver In the top picture the speeder can be seen pulling a Blackdog models O9 scale wagon. 
The picture below shows how the model breaks down. The motor unit comes from the Avalon models range for O9. The model superstructure is built from styrene sheet with some resin castings from Sidelines for the extra detailing. 
The view below shows the rear of the model.
The model is a real beauty and really encapsulates the fun essence of Gnine modelling.