Simon Andrews Mini-Lister

Simon Andrews built his Mini-Lister from bits of some Sidelines Gn15 and Blackdog mining O9 kits inspired a photo below of a kit for a 7.25" Lister available from engineers emporium.
In Simon's own words:
"I first became aware of this little loco from a posting Gnatterbox by Paul Napier. An order for components from Steve Bennett resulted in additional information and pictures. Recently David Colley has also provided information about the loco's controls.
The Mite underframe was modified to accept a cut down Kato chassis.
A deck sub-assembly was made out of plasticard sheet, aud U and Z channel to cover the top of the chassis. The dead space in the underframe and sub-assembly was filled with lead sheet, keeping the centre of gravity low.
The Wasp bonnet was shortened, given ends out of plasticard and the grill holes drilled.
The loco was then detailed with Sidelines castings.."
As an aside to this story a while after this Sidelines Models offered a kit called "Mite" that was very similar to prototype that inspired this model.